maintenance-sparesOptimizing Transportation techniques with varied sourcing and global logistics services coupled with stock rotation options, provide our clients with the most cost effective way of maintaining service agreement stock levels. We provide this service across the entire Cisco, HP, and Juniper product range, old and new, but it’s with legacy and high end hardware that we really come into our own.

For example, we understand that procurement teams may not always receive enough information when trying to determine which parts they need. Our knowledgeable and resourceful account managers will work with you to confirm the correct part codes and provide peace of mind through back up documentation.

All hardware sourced for Maintenance Stock goes through our rigorous refurbishment program and is labelled, coded and dispatched to your holding location for the required date.

Maintenance SLA Emergencies

Dynamic procurement and logistics operations give clients a service to call on when out-of-stock products need to be onsite within an agreed SLA.

Our account managers are on hand to source maintenance spares in super quick time when parts are required on site within SLA’s. They are in control of the entire process throughout the MENA region, from sourcing the correct parts to organizing the same day courier. They are also knowledgeable enough to suggest temporary alternatives when the required part is unavailable.