consultancy-servicesAt Exique Technologies we provide a full suite of support services that our customers can call on during any stage of the sales cycle. Whether you have a gap in knowledge, or your resources are simply overstretched, we can provide the technical know-how to help deliver solutions for your clients.

All our consultants and engineers are Cisco Certified and can be brought in, under your company’s banner, for Pre-sales meetings, Network Design, Project Management, Staging, Consultancy and Site implementation amongst others.

Project Management

Our team ensures the successful roll-out of all projects, regardless of size and complexity.

Installations can be planned down to the last detail, and our wealth of experience means we know from the off exactly what’s achievable and what’s not. And because of our exhaustive investment in fields such as WAN, LAN, Wireless, Security and IP Telephony we can provide experts with skills and experience to make your company invaluable to your customers.


Exique Technologies recommend the most efficient and effective product technology to match you and your customers’ business needs.

Our highly-qualified consultants work with you, as part of your team, to provide project planning and technical back-up during sales meetings. And, because our consultants are happy to work under your company name, your brand will benefit from expertise that you might find costly and underutilised if you were to offer it on a permanent basis.


For the complete pre-configuration and testing of all routers, switches and networking products before they are installed at your customers’ premises.

All work is carried out by qualified engineers in our test lab here at Exique Technologies. We find it saves time and can eliminate many common installation issues such as faulty equipment and configuration errors.

Site Implementation

All our installation and site implementation services are carried out by fully qualified, vendor certified, on-site engineers with the right experience to make the whole process quick, efficient and hassle-free for your customers.

From planning through to physical installation and configuration, you can count on our engineers to be fully up to speed on every aspect of your project.